Hello, hi, good day! This is a very, VERY late blog post and I do apologise for that. However, here I jolly well go anyway! Let’s talk about TRASH DANDY.

I have been an AVID fan of Victor Lockhart’s for about a year now. In that time, I’m surprised I’ve not managed to drive the poor man mad(der than he already is) with my extra-ness. Apologies for my incessant and continuous admiration, Victor!

Hem HEM! Anyway…



Victor Lockhart, if you don’t know who that is (for shame!) is a gentleman who makes wonderful fashion and cosplay content on YouTube and Instagram, and who works very hard as an artist in a multitude of art forms to make the world a more otherworldly place. His content is ideal for anyone wishing to escape from the humdrum of modern (pandemic-filled) life, and settle into the more rural and calming reality that the vibe of Victor’s content brings. He has the ability to create something out of nothing and sustain a level of suspense or a vibe of eeriness or of calm through clever editing, Victoriana gothic revival aesthetics and that Scottish-accented, silky-smooth voice. On top of all this, he is a VERY interested person. Just…go give him a watch. You’ll not regret it.


I’m SO glad you asked. Trash Dandy is fashion project by Victor himself. An upcycled clothing brand, the main service offered currently is the printing of pre loved clothing with fabulous embellishments of golden paint. I had a pair of pink, well-loved but washed-out jeans I bought during my time living in Italy in 2014/2015. They aren’t something I’d want to throw out, as they remind me of wonderful times I had while wearing them during that year. This was therefore the perfect way to breathe new life into a garment, and to help me fall back in love with them again.


Victor made the entire process really easy. After an initial consultation regarding the colours, coatings and postal arrangements, I sent my jeans off to be printed. Since I posted them first class, they arrived without any delay. I was updated immediately by Victor himself the day they arrived. Every subsequent development on the progress of the printing was immediately communicated to me in a really positive and uplifting manner (Victor happens to be a very kind and pleasant young man!). Returning the jeans to me was done swiftly following my payment of the agreed fee.


They arrived in recyclable blow paper packaging, and sealed with a wax crest of the haus of Lockhart…I wish I had a photo of that. Please take my word for it!

BAM! Damn FINE jeans.

AREN’T THEY AMAZING?!?! Never once did I doubt they would be sublime, but they’re even better in person! When they arrived with me, I was smitten. Smitten with the jeans once more…and smitten with the artiste! *chef kiss*

YEEHAW, if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it, y’all!


All in all, I give Trash Dandy the full five stars! The service is such a great one, as it is conscious of the struggle we face in the world today with fast fashion and sustainability concerns. The importance of appreciating the things we have has never been more important: and TRASH DANDY brings the world a bit closer to a future in which we can be greener, less selfish and more aware of the impact a small thing like upcycling can do to help save the world.

Check out Victor on Instagram and YouTube and definitely have a little look at all the amazing stuff this guy is up to: he is one to watch!!!

Until next time ~♡

Love and light!

Lu xo

LU’S REVIEWS: The Funeral Series by Violet Fane

I believe it was the frilly philosopher Momoko who said it best…and so I paraphrase her now when I say:

The moment I saw Violet Fane’s game-changing clothing designs, the “old me” was slain

This is not a lie. From the moment I became aware of this Western EGL brand, I thought Violet Fane’s designs were mind-blowing, and in my view raised the standard European lolita design should be held to. She picked her lane, and my lord is she slaying the game! It’s little wonder her designs are now actually available in Japan too!

I might be a bit biased because I am a long time fan…as are my friends. Anyway…

Happy Violet Fane customers from the IREGL ♡


According to the official Violet Fane webpage:

“[Violet Fane, from the beginning] has specialized in Horror and fantasy themed print series, making dresses, tights and accessories with unique and exclusive print artworks.
The Concept of the brand is to find the most mysterious point of view of fantasy, and the most beautiful point of view of horror.”

Mysteriousness? Fantasy? Most beautiful point of horror? That checks all my boxes of what I look for when I want a piece of wearable art to parade around with a group of frilly friends in. ♡♡♡

I am the proud owner of the light side version of the skirt from Violet Fane’s Tragicomique series. I also own several pairs of tights and some accessories by them. One might say that is enough of a small collection. However, the latest re-release of The Funeral felt important for me to get in on. I don’t know if the macabre subject of this design coinciding with this bleak period of human health history…I just knew I had to have it.

The print of the skirt ♡

The piece arrived with me very quickly considering I got it as a preorder of a re-release. The quality, as always with Violet Fane, is insanely beautiful. I love how elasticated and comfortably worn this garment is (I believe Violet Fane makes garments suitable for all sizes to feel beautiful wearing – which, as we are sadly aware, is still very rare to find in this fashion!). Naturally, I coorded it in that weird way I like to coord.

Coord: Vintage hat, Offbrand Blouse, mask by Duchess Miliana, Cape by Victorian Maiden, accessory by Peacocklorum, socks by Innocent world and of course the skirt is Violet Fane.

I am just looking forward to having a proper occasion to be able to wear this outfit. The piece itself could be coorded in different styles, including classic, perhaps gothic and maybe even a sort of horror-country/cottagecore style.

I would definitely recommend this skirt, and any other garment by Violet Fane, to my readers. I, personally, look forward to my next purchase with them, and invite you all to delve into the fascinating world of their whimsically macabre designs!


Thank you kindly again for reading my review today ~☆ please join me again next time!!!

Love and light,

Lu xox

Meet Report (very late) ♡ International Lolita Day IREGL Meetup

♡What a pretty picture of us all! Before the world went a bit wonky because of the plague 2.0….♡

I’m late…so sorry!

This is a very late meet report, so apologies for this in advance. I love writing things up but perhaps I left this one a bit too long, because some of the events are a little bit hazy in my memory. But hey-ho, I’ll give it a good go anyway.

In December 2019 (before all this Covid carry-on was seen nor heard of in these parts), I headed once again down to Dublin to spend time with frilly friends in celebration of International Lolita Day, winter edition.

I really wanted to wear a very oldschool coord (which lends itself to making sure I was nice and warm in the cool, Irish, winter weather). So I wore my BPN skirt with a metamorphose Raschel lace blouse and Victorian Maiden bustier from my 2002 gobelin set, accessorised by Innocent World socks and headdress and Baby the Stars Shine Bright hand warmer (we love a good muff in this house ;p).

The meetup took place in one of the many wonderful Japanese food eateries in Ireland’s glorious capital, and involved us exchanging gifts in a Secret Santa manner. My gift arrived a little later than the meet (much like this blog post), owing to the fact that the person giving it actually resides in Finland. However, I was so pleased to receive it: a wonderful bouquet of tea by Whittard.

A few of us did some shopping after we had eaten, in some of our favourite alternative fashion shops in fair Dublin (with some very Harajuku-esque vibes in some locations!), and got boba from Mosa (a firm favourite among the IREGL).

I have only been to one other gathering like this prior to Covid, and I can say with a sad heart that I truly miss these occasions that are so good for my frilly little soul. Hopefully this can happen soon again…♡

IREGL now and forever ❤❤❤

Love and light – until next time!

Lu xo

LU’S REVIEWS: R.R. Memorandum

Lu, of “Lu’s Reviews”, wearing a coord to show of the apparel she shall review in the review today…yep.

Welcome, frilly reader, to the first of what I am sure will be many product reviews, aptly entitled “Lu’s Reviews” (a name which promises a series of reviews). These reviews will be dedicated to products I purchase from smaller businesses I have chosen to support.

R.R. Memorandum (or Red Rose Memorandum) is a new, small, British business specialising in oldschool lolita fashion garments and accessories. Founded earlier this year, Red Rose Memorandum has sprouted tentatively during long, sunny, lockdown days, their online store updating twice since they opened this spring.

According to the introductory blog post in the R.R. Memorandum webpage:

The theme of the brand is nostalgic lolita fashion, producing designs inspired by the old school period of 1999-2004. We seek to use quality materials authentic to this time period, and capture, while not copying, the design spirit of that time.

Katherine Rose, founder of R.R. Memorandum

With this in mind, and being a massive fan of oldschool lolita with a rather sad lack of bloomers in my own fashion collection, I knew I had to get my hands on some of Katherine’s incredible designs. I was lucky enough to grandma-arm elbow myself through the online queues to grab a pair of Little Mouse Heart Pocket Bloomers in the white colourway, and a beautiful ladder and cross lace headdress (both pictured below), also in white.

my purchases with the R.R. Memorandum tag ♡

The ordering process on the website was straight forward and the prices were very reasonable (perhaps even too reasonable for the quality of the garments I received). The beautiful items arrived very quickly and were beautifully packaged, with a complimentary sample of an Earl Grey tea blend. I fell in love immediately.

The headdress, the “Angelic Classic Ribbon Headdress” is delicate and visually stunning, with so many elements packed into such a simple design. It is incredibly wearable and comes also in a black colourway which I hope to be able to purchase in the future.

Cute little musical cherub charm decorating the headdress.

I have been really looking forward to acquiring bloomers, but had always found Japanese brand bloomers to be a bit on the expensive side, or not to my taste. The Little Mouse Heart Pocket bloomers I purchased from R.R. Memorandum did not disappoint. Heart pockets are not only incredibly oldschool, but also are a very handy addition to a bloomer I feel is a very versatile garment to wear. They are long enough to wear as peaking bloomers under shorter pieces, but also could work as regular bloomers to protect modesty.

Aside from the incredible detailing of the heart pocket, the construction is beautiful and they are a very comfortable wear. They are well elasticated and would also be perfect loungewear for any lifestyle lolita. The little mouse lace really brings to this garment an element of hidden whimsy I have always loved in oldschool lolita fashion! ♡


I am over the moon with my purchases and the overall buying process experienced when ordering from R.R. Memorandum. I have absolutely no doubt that this brand is going to go on to do great things and I don’t hesitate to wish Katherine all the blessings, love and light with this wonderful fashion line she is creating. ♡ I will definitely be purchasing again!

Coord rundown: headdress and bloomers: R.R memorandum; blouse and skirt: Innocent World; Cardigan: Baby The Stars Shine Bright; Brooches:Metamorphose and offbrand; socks: Bodyline; shoes: mon avis ♡

Thank you so much for reading this little review, the first of hopefully many I will strive to write up on Frills and All. Please do join me again for more!

Love and light to all!

Lu xo

Lu in Lockdown: Entry 1


A letter through the door, explaining everything we already have known for this last couple of weeks and more. We are locked down. No leaving the house but for essential basics, a small bit of exercise and fresh air…no social interaction.

Last day at work before I was Furloughed.

I’ve been Furloughed from work. This means my simple journey from my town to my workplace on public transport was deemed too dangerous to undertake, and my workplace was deemed as a luxury location, rather than an essential. I, like so many others, am on a leave of absence supposedly lasting up until the end of May at least.

I have wanted a period hibernation for so long. But not like this. Not a pandemic. Not the daily reminders of the harrowing conditions under which human lives try to save other human lives. Not heartbreaking image after heartbreaking image of the faces of the deceased. Not sitting watching things unfold in the media as they do, powerless to do anything to help. Not being bombarded by memes on my phone and happy-go-lucky sentiments of “it’s gonna be alright”.

But this is the nature of the time I have been given. And so I have decided to try to use it wisely for he things I have wanted for some time to do.

The Early Days

Notes on the Historical Royal Fashion course I started.

When my time off work started, I was told I was going to have to work from home. This assumption did not last long. Although I work at a heritage site, I unfortunately work in retail and admissions there. So, instead of making us do enforced research, we were all furloughed. This was a welcome change to the time off rather than having to conform to a pre-proposed plan or action. It was with much relief that I, one week into my time off, was able to embark upon solo projects.


I can write quite well. Whether that is evidenced by this blog or not is entirely up to you, dear reader. That said, I want to utilise my natural talents in word craft at some stage during my career, and so this didn’t seem like a half bad time to try to do it. With that in mind, I signed up for an online copywriting course, and have also subscribed to Masterclass. I hope to make it through the majority of both these during my time off.

I’ve also picked up practicing bassoon and piano again, and am hoping to put in more effort in learning the flute in absence of my weekly lessons at present.

Caged Creative: Unleashed

The caged creative UNLEASHED: Best renderings of Hazbin Hotel cosplays to date ♡

Though I am very grateful to be in full time work, I am a bit of a caged creative. I do cosplay and dabble in creating content. I’ve enjoyed finishing my Hazbin Hotel cosplay projects to the level they are at now, and although I still need to improve them more with further details, I am happy they are now functional garments I can use to create the content. I have also whipped out old friends to make some deeply cringy content with (see below).

Deadly Efficient Grell Sutcliff cosplay~☆


Innocent World OP worn for an online crafting meet and teaparty.

I usually am seldom able to wear EGL fashion while at home. I live in a small town and while I’d do anything to be the Momoko of this place, people talk and my parents are paranoid. However, lockdown has brought EGL teaparties to me remotely and given me ample opportunities to dress nicely and hang out with lovely, frilly individuals from the various fashion communities I’ve been a part of.

TEXTURE: an April Fools coord ♡

Once we are all dressed up and on zoom together, we tend to just chat, play Animal Crossing and do crafts. It is especially fun to play AC together because we can visit each other’s islands wearing cute clothes in the game while dressed cute in real life. My favourite occasion has been when I partook in an Animal Crossing “Hanami” event at my friend Helena’s island and zoomed with a several of my friends, as well as several new friends made that day!

Photoshop is a kawaii girl’s best friend xD
Remote Twinning #alldressedup ♡

Another thing I have partaken in remote twinning with a friend of mine ♡ we coorded our matching “Alice and her Black Cat” pieces by Baby the Stars Shine Bright”. I am so pleased I got to do this: I even edited the photo in the purikura style.

That’s all from me this time. I want to write about so many things during these days… ♡ I hope my writing about something fanciful and positive draws your mind away from the negativities we all are facing right now in reality.

Love and light to all!

Lu xx


Decadent Decade, IREGL ♡ Meet Report

Finally, one of the most anticipated meetings of 2019 came upon us! On Saturday 26th October, my outfit in my backpack, I travelled down to Dublin from the North to partake in the celebration of the decade anniversary of the formation of the Irish Elegant Gothic and Lolita community. In a smelly, cramped stagecoach, my excitement set in, knowing that my discomfort was only temporary and that soon I would be in a beautiful outfit surrounded by others just like myself, donning their own styles and unique beauty.

After arriving in Dublin, I monopolized one (tiny) toilet cubicle to change, and then a smudged, dirty mirror to do my hair and makeup. Twenty minutes later, double-taking passers by be damned, I was finally ready for the teaparty.

Having arranged a meeting point for a few of us to gather to travel to the venue together, we split a taxi and travelled to the theatrically decorated venue for our lovely three course dinner and social event.

Before our meal, our community leader made a special speech regarding the at existence of the Irish EGL community for 10 years. Though I am a reasonably new member of the Irish community, it feels like my fashion home now, and everyone has always treated me so kindly every time I have managed to attend a meetup.

The meal was directly preceded by icebreaker activities which were lots of fun! ♡ It was good to be encouraged to interact with those not sitting at our table, and seeing the different outfits everyone was wearing. Since it was nearly Hallowe’en, many people came dressed in gothic style, or in sweet or classic ooky spooky themed coords. Some people were really adventurous with their outfits, and it was particularly amazing to see so many independent brands being represented.

I wore my amazing classical theatre inspired skirt by independent European brand, Violet Fane, and was happy when some friends were also wearing main pieces by the same brand! Violet Fane traded at the wonderful Myths Of Our Own international event IREGL held in August 2018, and are becoming quite renowned in the international EGL community.

After a wonderful dinner filled with fabulous and engaging conversations with friends, the raffle was announced over cups of tea and dessert. I had provided three hand-embroidered pieces of EGL lifestyle-inspired artwork to be raffled off. I was very pleased when winners chose these reasonably early on! I also managed to sell a small embroidery hoop and a beaded brooch at the meet from my own small business, Curiosity Cabinet Creations.

In the raffle, I won a ring in the shape of a teacup and some postcards from Haenuli. The teacup ring is so beautifully detailed and reminds me of really elegant garden party china used at European royal teaparties. ♡ it is super appropriate for my classical and old school style. I am looking forward to using this ring! ♡

Kate, the producer of “Living Lolita”, the recent IREGL mini documentary featured on RTÉ, visited the comm event as well to see us in our “natural habitat”! It was lovely to meet her and see her enjoy the company of those who featured prominently in the documentary! If you haven’t yet seen the documentary, you can watch it here!

After the teaparty, a few of us went into town to get some bubble tea and for a nice walk. It was a nice evening so we took our time in getting there, enjoying conversation as we went. It was one of the best EGL events I have been to in quite some time. ♡ I’m super excited for the next meetup! Here’s to another DECADENT DECADE of IREGL comm!!! ♡♡♡


Love and light

Lu xo